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On the morning of the second day we climbed Mt William. We started walking from the car park at 8am. Actually, there's not much climbing involved as a service road leads to the summit. This is the highest point of the park, at 1167m. This is a southerly view with part of the Mt William Range on the left.

Cathedral Rock and Serra Range
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In this scenic view you can see Cathedral Rock (793m) in the center and the Serra Range Mt Lubra, 992m) in the distance. To give you an idea of the size of the park, the valley behind the Serra Range is half way across. The distant hills, partially obscured, is the Victoria Range, about 25km away.

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An ubrupt drop from Mount William Road down to Fyans Creek 300m below. There were quite a few lizards sunning themselves in the morning sun on some of the rocks.

North View
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View to the north from the summit of Mt William. Red Man Bluff (1017m) rises to the east and is about 3km away. In the central valley and haze is Halls Gap and beyond that is the Mount Difficult Range stretching to the horizon.
Fyans Ridge
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The view from the Mount William track across Fyans Creek valley with the bottom end of Serra Range (Mt Lang, 917m) and Victoria Range in the distance. Part of the central valley farmland can also be seen.

walking track
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This is the track past the summit of Mt William towards Boundary Gap and Major Mitchell Plateau. As you can see its a bit rugged but generally not too difficult of a walk. There were a few birds, lizards and butterflies around but I think those animals that could would be escaping to the cooler valleys on this day that was to reach around 35°C. We were lucky we started early in the morning.

Mt William slopes
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This is a northerly view on the return treck with the slopes of Mt William in the near distance to the right. In the valley is the Bovine Hills peak and domination the skyline to the left is Daltons Peaks (1022m).

Serra Range
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Another view across the valley with Cathedral Rock and the Serra Range. This photo was taken around 11:30am almost back at the top of Mt William.

Fyans Ridge
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Coming back down the service road to the car park, we came back around 12:15pm. As you can see there are a lot of boulders around and once again here is the scene looking to the west with Cathedral Rock and the Serra Ranges.

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