Elephants Hide
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On the first day we arrived in the afternoon and decided to only go on small excursions along Mount Victory Road. Just out of Halls Gap is this formation that was observed on the way up.

Reed Lookout
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The first stop was Reed Lookout, which has always been spelled Reid Lookout. Up here, as you can imagine, was quite a view. Ona a rock there was a Lizard as well as some Orchids along the path to The Balconies.

The Balconies
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This is probably the most famous image of the Grampians, The Balconies, a short, easy walk from the Reed Lookout carpark. The actual rocks have been fenced off from public access, probably because of some perceived danger. I guess any new photos you see of people sitting on the edge and viewing at the scenery are doing so against directions.
MacKenzie Falls
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This is probably the most magnificent waterfall in the Grampians. There is a structures pathway down to the bottom, although the steps are a little irregular. This area also has some short and medium length walks of various degrees of difficulty. We came back to the carpark at dusk and there were several friendly kangaroos hanging around.

MacKenzie Falls
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Staggering back up the steps by MacKenzie Falls I took this shot at one of the steps of the waterfall. As you can see, the sun was low and it is probably not in the best light.

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