The Pinnacle - South View
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On the morning of the last day we visited The Pinnacle, and walked down to the Wonderland car park through the Grand Canyon. This is the view from the edge of The Pinnacle looking south, with Lake Bellfield visible to the left.

The Pinnacle - North View
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The Pinnacle is basically a rock at the edge of the cliff face and provides a good view. This is the northerly aspect, with Halls Gap in the valley.

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This is the westerly view from The Pinnacle, across the rock garden.

Silent Street
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This is near the top of the Grand Canyon and is called Silent Street. Its an eerie, narrow path that leads down to Wonderland.
Grand Canyon
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The canyon visible past the nearby rock formations is called the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon
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This is looking up-hill from inside the Grand Canyon. As we were coming down it was still morning but people were only just starting on their walks. considering it was going to be a very hot day I think the best idea was to leave early like we did.

Grand Canyon creek
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The creek that flows through the Grand Canyon pools here. There were some nice, large skinks along the bottom of the canyon too.

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Some flowers by the creek near Wonderland car park.

Canola Fields
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On the journey home their were quite a few vast canola fields like this one. At this stop ther were also some Sun Orchids growing in the roadside reserve.

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