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These flowers were found low to the ground along the path at Mt William.

73.5KB 680x512
This Grevillea aquifolium (Variable Prickly Grevillea) was widespread throughout the Grampians. As you can see by the picture, it has rather prickly leaves.

Pink Flower
53.7KB 640x600
I only saw one or two of these flowers on my trip. I'm assuming its a pink Dillwynia of some sort but after a brief web search I was unable identify it properly.

Orange Flower
37.1KB 512x384
These nice orange Showy Parrot-pea Dillwynia sericea were growing quite abundantly at Lakeview Lookout.

Yellow Flower
29.1KB 512x384
As you can see, these Smooth Parrot-peas Dillwynia glaberrima were growing right at the edge of Lakeview Lookout (that's Lake Bellfield in the background).
Purple Flower
85.1KB 800x600
There were two of these Blue Tinsel Lily Calectasia intermedia growing near the Heatherlie Quarries. If my understanding is correct, they are only found in the Grampians.

White Flower
32.9KB 512x384
These flowers were growing beside the track near Lakeview Lookout.

Purple Flower
46.3KB 768x512
This looked like a struggling plant, growing near Lakeview Lookout, next to the path. I'm sure I've seen the same species growing more vigourously elsewhere.

33.1KB 512x384
This plant was growing near the top of Mt William. There were several flower stalks coming up from the base but I didn't get it in good light.

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