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The Grampians National Park is a popular tourist destination approximately 250km west of Melbourne. At 167,000ha (700,000 acres) it is one of the largest National Parks in the state of Victoria.

Significant features include rugged mountain ranges and wildflowers, although I visited a bit too late for the latter as it was already too dry for many plants to be flowering. Another negative for the days I was there is that it was hot, almost 40°C on the last day (one of the hottest November days on record).

This site is about my visit to the park over three days (13-15 November 2003). It contains photos and descriptions of my experiences. Some of the larger animals that I saw included kangaroos, wallabies, crimson rosellas, gang-gang cockatoos, an echidna and an emu. I've tried to ensure names of everything is correct.

The site is split into two sections. The big things, such as scenery and landscapes are on the left and the smaller things are on the right. Click on an image to enter its gallery.

In 2005 I visited the Grampians area again, click here for photos of that trip.

For more information on the park in general you should visit Parks Victoria's official Grampians web site.

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