Two Lizards
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These two lizard were seen on the way to the Grampians in Paddys Ranges State Park. One was also seen later on the way to the quarry. It was good to see two together, something I have rarely encountered with larger lizards. These have stumpy tails and pine-cone type scales.

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I like this charismatic little lizard with nice body patterns. This photo was taken near the Mount William summit. Smaller versions were also seen, which I assume to be young ones, but they didn't have such a vivid pattern.
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There are quite a few of these large skinks around the Grampians, probably the most common reptile there. This photo was taken near Mt William at around 8:30 in the morning so they were still a little sluggish. Later on in the day, with the temperatures now around 30°C, I tried to photograph some more but by this time they had warmed up enough to be too sensitive to my presence.

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This photo was taken near the Grand Canyon, coincidentally also arounf 8:30am. It is a similar size as the one shown above but this one has a lighter pattern.

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