Finger Orchid
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I came across these Finger Orchids in quite a few locations, they seem quite common, along steep tracks up and down the Grampians and on higher, sandy plateaus. They often grow right along the side of the tracks and therefore were relatively easy to find and photograph. This is an unusual 4-flowered one (most have 2 flowers and many have only the one flower) and the photo was taken in the afternoon near Reed Lookout.

Sun Orchid
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Also near Reed Lookout there were a few of these Rabbit Ears Thelymitra antennifera. They are among the small sun orchids and were growing on the boulders on the ground along with spongy mosses.

Spider Orchid
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This was a nice surprise amongst the boulders right at the front of Lakeview Lookout (near the Sundial Picnic Ground). It is a Green-comb Spider Orchid and was spotted by my brother who almost accidentally sat on it when relaxing to enjoy the view. This photo was taken in the afternoon on the friday and I feared for its survival as the approaching weekend was sure to see many feet trample around the lookout.
Sun Orchid
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There were a few patches of sun orchids around, including these types on the lowland planes. This is actually false advertising on my part as the photo was taken outside Ararat and not in the Grampians at all. It was taken on a rest stop on the way there, growing between the road and railway line.

Sun Orchid
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On the way down to the Grand Canyon there were a couple of these orchids along the path. I'm not sure which sort of spotted sun orchid this is as its smaller than the Thelymitra merranae that I'm familiar with from Baluk Willam reserve near my home.

Bronze Orchid
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Also on the way down to the Grand Canyon I noticed these on the side of the path. They are a couple of Bronze Caladenia, though since most of the Caladenias have been reclassified (since my reference was published) it would have a different name now.

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