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Driving along we decided to take a quick stop at Nelson's Track. Our quick stop fast became a long stop.

Waxlip Orchid Quite a lot of wildflowers were in bloom and the grass trees were magnificent. We strolled to where a lookout was marked on the map but there wasn't that much to see in the distance, especially with such a great show at our feet.

Gnat Orchid Saw my first Gnat Orchid (Cyrtostylis reniformis) - my reference book says its fairly common but this was an exciting first (and only) time for me.

We also noticed near many orchids someone had previously stuck sticks in the ground to mark them. Presumably a nature group of some sort had been through a few weeks before. Looked like they even marked some of the sun-orchids which were still in bud by the time we passed.

Echidna in Ground Another thing we came across was a large echidna foraging for ants. I've come across them in quite a few places but its always hard to photograph them as at the first sign of humans they tend to dig themselves into the ground in a defensive maneuver, like this one did.

We came across a few other wildflowers, including these everalstings (though most of them weren't open fully).

Fringed Everlasting Nelsons Track Grass Tree

Having already spent a lot of time in the Brisbane Ranges it was time we headed off to our overnight stay in Aireys Inlet, along the coast near Anglesea.
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