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River Crossing Tree Fern The Otways, along the Great Ocean Rd, have some great waterfalls, all of them easy to visit. First off we visited Marriners Fals, behind Apollo Bay. It starts off as a gentle drive through rolling farmlands and then a half hour walk from the car park. This soon becomes a magical walk as the wet rainforest along the river closes in. Unusually, there are no wooden bridges as I'd expected, instead there are large stepping stones (as seen in the photo to the left). These were easy to use.

The photo on the right shows one of the large Soft Tree-ferns along the path.

Marriners Falls We had spent the day driving along the road so by the time we visited the falls is was quite dark. I took this photo holding the camera against a stone wall to help keep it steady.

Californian Redwoods Hopetoun Falls On the fifth day we drove the waterfalls circuit around the back of the Otways. The first half of the route is along a gravel road and we didn't see another car. First stop was by the Californian Redwoods, planted in 1939.

Hopetoun Falls The plantation is just upstream from Hopetoun Falls, which has a viewing platform near the car park at the top. A steep but well-made track zig-zags down the steep hill and a boardwalk leeds to the base of the falls. Once again it was a great walk down to the waterfall with an understory of ferns shaded by large wattle trees.

Beauchamp Falls upper track Beauchamp Falls upper track The next waterfall I rate as the best one. Its a longer walk from the car park and starts where the forest all around is logged but this soon improves to a lush rainforest with ferns, mosses and beech trees.

Beauchamp Falls creek Beauchamp Falls The track is mostly in good condition but when we were there the last steep part was still being renovated. It should be finished by now and provide a nice path all the way to the waterfall. The photo on the right shows the water falling down then over another boulder near the bottom. A couple of logs are also resting at the bottom and the Mountain Ash trees tower over the top.

Triplet Falls The final stop for us was the Triplet Falls. Its less accessible than the other waterfalls (the track only gets near to it) but its the largest we visited. It started raining and as we drove off it rained a lot and we didn't visit the last waterfall we had planned.

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