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Most of the third day was spent cruising along the Great Ocean Rd to Apollo Bay. Several short to medium stops were made along the way, including the beach where some of these photos were taken. The brush along the road and foreshore reserves was a good place for New Holland Honeyeaters.

Winding Great Ocean Road Bass Strait Beach Rock Formations Ocean Road Panorama Honeyeater on Bush Waterfall Honeyeater on Bush

King Parrot Later that day we visited Shelley Beach in the Otways. The track down to the beach is a little rugged but it was being worked on. On the way down we noticed a King Parrot feeding in the branches above the path and it was a nice rainforest walk.

Down at the beach there were some interesting rock formation, like tortured aces staring out to sea. We spent a while there watching the waves crash over the rocks and forming small waterfalls.

Faces in the Rock Waterfall on the beach rocks Apollo Bay Panorama

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