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Searching Having finally met up with the group they decided to head up to Cresta Valley. I think they were looking for a Prasophyllum species - some leaf stalks were found but no flowers. After a while walking across this highland field my feet got very wet, and I dare say so did those of the others.
Billy Buttons
Flower There were quite a few flowers, other than orchids, scattered throughout the valley. There also appeared to be two species (or variations) of Billy Buttons, one with yellow flowers and one with orange flowers.

Some large parts of the valley were not affected by the fire.

Cresta Valley There were a couple of small creeks flowing up here, under snow they would be hard to see. Some of us crossed to the other side in the hope of finding something else there. The bridges (if there were any) had all been destroyed by the fire so it meant hopping across rocks. Someone did find some Sky Daisies (I think that's what they were called) but unfortunately they were growing in the grass and neither of my photos turned out very good.

Alpine Caladenia Beetle As the members of the group made their way back across the road some ventured a few metres up the track to South Buffalo View Point and these Alpine Caladenia (Caladenia lyallii?). Amongst the grass I also saw this ladybird beetle. There were a few small butterflies and moths around, huddled in the wet grass all trying their best not to get too wet.

This is also where I split from the group as they went and had some afternoon tea.

Water droplets I kept walking along the South Buffalo Track for several hundred metres. Along the way I saw some honeyeaters and a Cinnamon Bells orchid (only in bud) and some other flowers. There was also an old wombat carcas but I don't think I'd show you the gory details.

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