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Lake Catani When I returned to the car park the others had gone, but I found a note on my windscreen telling me they had gone to Lake Catani. I was staying the night in the campground near the lake so this suited me well.

Boulder Track When I got to the day visitor area by the lake I found the others' cars but not the others. I decided to head down the track to the Chalet but it was severely burnt in this area and it started to drizzle again. It was however interesting with huge boulders lining the sides of the track.

I returned to the car park just as the rest of the group was about to leave another note on my windscreen. They were finishing off for the day and returning to their caravan parks down in the valley (outside the national park) but I was staying up here for the night.

White Trigger Plant I decided to check out the Chalwell Galleries before sunset. Its a short walk from the lake and along the way there was a decent field of Grass Trigger Plants. These are polinated when an insect lands on the flower and their "trigger" is released. I had seen many pink ones before but this was the first time I had seen white ones like this.

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