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Fire remnants For sunset I decided to go up to The Horn, at 1723m the highest point of Mt Buffalo. The weather was also beginning to clear and I had high hopes for a good sunset.

In this first shot, taken along the road on the way up, you can see different colored folliage. The green are trees that survived the fires. The yellows and browns are trees that were probably killed by the fire but their leaves weren't burnt. The skeletal brown trees were killed by the fire and haven't regrown - makes it look like a northern winter.

Cloud View Boulder This photo was taken near The Horn picnic area and car park, looking out across the valleys. Mist rose like clouds from the vast forests below and it was quite atmospheric.

Also near the car park, beside the road, are some huge boulders. Most of the granite plateau is similar to this, with large monoliths strewn about. Rock climbing on Mt Buffalo is a popular past-time.

Below are some more scenic photos I took on my way to the top of The Horn, to the sunset.

Boulders Rocky Hill View from the Hut Cresta Valley The Other Side

View from the Hut The Hut

Panorama Panorama Panorama Panorama Panorama

Cloud Rising Misty Valley Red Glow

For a while I thought the clouds would close in again, denying me a view of the sunset. The mist from the valleys drifted up and met the clouds in the sky. This was however temporary and after a while the sky cleared almost completely. It was therefor not very spectacular as, without clouds in the sky, there was not red sunset.

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