Mount Buffalo National Park

Page 5 - Sunrise from The Horn

Misty Valley Sunlight hits the Mountain The next morning I got up before 5am, before first light - my aim this time was to see the sunrise. Once more, like the sunset before it, the sun rose without a cloud in the sky. There were not even clouds on the horizon this morning. The low light and shortening shadows however did provide a spectacular view of the scenery.

Rock Face Rock Face This photo (left) is the other side of the peak than the car park and faces the morning sun, providing a colorful and contrasting image.

In the photo on the right you can see the shadow of The Horn across the valleys below Mt Buffalo.

Below are some more photos, including views back to The Horn and views from and to Cresta Valley. I was heading back down to Lake Catani and the Chalet intersection, planning to meet up with the ANOS group once more. Seems like I've had an entire adventure on my own.

Boulders Boulders

Panorama Panorama Panorama

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