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Field of Flowers Diuris monticola While waiting for the ANOS group I was going to wander around The Chalet. But first I had to stop off by Lake Catani to check out the Diuris monticola orchids in the sunlight. The group discovered some near the lake shores the previous evening. The photo on the right was taken in the evening still pearled with raindrops. The night was clear and no rain fell but the next morning it looked much the same, covered with dew drops.

After the little orchid detour I went down to the chalet and on a little walk along the Gorge - Lake Catani Track.

Burnt Lyrebird Right near the start there is a turn-off and amongst the shrubs I saw something move. A little patience revealed it to be a lyrebird, which is nice to see that some survived the fires. Some other tourists came past and I told them there was a lyrebird in the bushes but they didn't see it and, with so many people around, it scarpered. I walked a little further up the track but everything was quite burnt so I turned around, although I did hear another lyrebird further down the hill.

As I returned to the junction I saw the lyrebird again. Approaching it, the bird started to make a lot of noise and jumped in the trees around me. I reckognized this sort of behaviour from some time I spent with the Lyrebird Survey Group in Sherbrooke Forest, it was how the mothers acted around a fledgling. Spending a few minutes stalking through the tee-trees I was however unable to find a chick.

Field of Flowers White Flower It was getting late in the morning, by this day's standards (having been up for over 4 hours) and I thought I might try to meet up with the ANOS group so I drove to the Chalet turn-off.

While I waited I strolled through the fields of flowers. There was a fair variety, including two more Diuris monticola.

Butterfly and Flowers Butterfly and Flowers My main focus soon came to chasing insects. With such a profusion of flowers there were quite a few butterflies around. I saw one Admiral (Vanessa itea) butterfly but after a minor distraction it vanished from my view. The other butterflies were Australian Painted Lady (Vanessa kershawi) and there were quite a lot around.

Butterfly and Flower Purple Flower However there was some discomfort, there were dozens of flies. They seemed to want to annoy my face the most, and some even made it infront of my camera lens a couple of times to blur my shots.

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