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On the weekend of December 20th and 21st I tagged along with the ANOS to Mt Buffalo National Park. This is my photo-diary of the trip. Click on any of the images for a larger view - most images are under 100k (average image size is 80k). There are a total of 56 photos on several pages which you can navigate using the links at the bottom.

Note, this area of my site has just been created and I will populate it over the next days or weeks as I have time.

Misty The journey started early for me (before dawn) and the drive took over 5 hours. The park entrance fee was a little higher than I had expected and they didn't give any discounts for the bad weather. Driving up Mount Buffalo Road my goal was The Gorge Day Visitor Area car park, near the Chalet. The other ANOS members were going to meet there at 10am but I didn't get there until 11:30am.

Clouded View As you can see in this photo, it was very foggy and the drive up the mountain was a little trecherous as visibility was sometimes reduced to about 20 metres. When I got to the car park I didn't recognize any of the cars and couldn't see any orchid people around so I went for a walk by myself down the Underground River Track. This track goes past some lookouts and ends up where the river emerges (the underground river is navigatable for experienced cavers). As you can see from the Haunted Gorge Lookout photo to the right, there wasn't much to see from the lookouts.

Trigger Plant On the way back to the car park it started to drizzle a bit, not unexpected from the weather report that I checked on the internet the previous evening. There were a few plants flowering, the most common being the Grass Trigger Plant (Stylidium graminifolium). These grow from isolated plants to large colonies in various parts of the National Park. Their striking pink flowers stood out against the charred background, they seem to do well in the burnt areas.

The two main reasons I came to Mount Buffalo were for the orchids and for the scenery and to this stage I had neither. After lunch I did however meet up with the ANOS group.

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