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This is a photo-diary of my overnight trip to The Prom early September 2005.

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Boulders We took the link track from Millers Landing to Vereker Outlook. This is a great path with banksias and grass trees dominating all around. We even saw a couple of Emus along the way (they were too shy to get a photograph of).

Berries The track up to the lookout is also fairly easy, with only a couple of steepish parts. On the way up there are a couple of distracting vantage points where I thought I was at the outlook. You have to walk past a section with huge boulders to your right before you come to the actual location. Along here were a couple of Cromson Berry bushes Cyathodes juniperina. This species is listed as vulnerable in Victoria.

Vereker Outlook to Mt Oberon Vereker Range From the outlook you can see Mt Oberon in the distance as well as the heathlands to the west all the way to the sea. The path finishes here. The photo on the right is looking south-east along Vereker Range.

Orange Flower Leopard Orchid The dominant flower along the ridge was this orange pea. There were also Epacris and Running Postman. On the way down we also saw this stout Leopard Orchid Diuris pardina. This is a fairly widely distributed orchid in Victoria but I was surprised we missed in on the way up considering it was on bare ground right next to the path.

We were fairly late going down to Tidal River, leaving the Five Mile Road Carpark just before dusk. This time of day is however great for watching the local wildlife. Below are some photos of Wallabies, kankaroos and wombats.

Wallaby and Kangaroo Wombat Kangaroo

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