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This is a photo-diary of my overnight trip to The Prom early September 2005.

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Along the road to Squeaky Beach is a good area for orchids. There were many Waxlips Glossodia major again and some Wallflower Orchids Diuris orientis too. There were also other interesting flowers and plants, including a red species of sundew. In the carpark there were scrub-wrens and fairy-wrens hopping around looking for insects.

Wallflower Orchid scrub-wren Waxlip Orchid Sundew Running Postman

Squeaky Beach Silver Gull Apart from the Silver Gulls, we had Squeaky Beach all to ourselves for our brief morning visit. By kicking your feet over the surface of the sand you can generate the squeaking sound the beach is named after.

Picnic Bay Oyster Catcher Picnic Bay was next stop and once again we had the beach to ourselves, after having a picnic lunch of course. A pair of Sooty Oystercatchers were patrolling the beach, probing the sand for wormy things. Their bright red beak and eyes make them quite a striking bird.

Final stop on our overnight trip was Darby River. Spent most of the time in the carpark area trying to stalk the many frogs that were croaking in the shallow pools but without success. I'm not good at hunting frogs by following their calls. After a while some kangaroos came out to graze, and a wombat joined them.

Kangaroo Darby River Wombat with Kangaroos

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