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This is a photo-diary of my overnight trip to The Prom early September 2005.

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Vereker Lookout from Carpark Being a fair distance from home (it took me 3.5 hours to drive) I decided to spend the night there, camping at Tidal River. I decided to explore a bit on the north for the first day and do the beached the second.

Yellow Flower Banksia and Grass Trees The track down to Millers Landing is an easy walk, gently downhill, a bit steeper just before the beach. One side is lined with many grass trees, large banksias and numerous flower in spring.

Ground Lichen Orange Lichen Along the track was some interesting ground lichen, which dries out in summer. It reminds me of coral, both in texture and appearance. Along the shore I also saw this striking orange lichen.

Waxlips orchids were also seen along this track but I saw more later and will show some photos then.

Millers Landing Mangroves Not unexpecantly we had the beach at Millers Landing all to ourselves. As is common around the beaches here, vibrant pink pigface flowers bloomed. This is also home to the most southerly mangroves in the world, although not as large as their tropical counterparts.

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